Frequently Asked Questions


What are the advantages of giving through United Way?Tweeten

  • It feels good!
  • Your gift goes to help people who really need it.
  • It’s local. Funds raised in Mower County stay in Mower County to address local problems.
  • It’s accountable. Volunteers who live in Mower County decide which programs receive funds, and ensure that services are high quality and meet community needs.
  • It’s efficient. Volunteers help conduct the campaign to keep cost low.
  • It’s effective. By bringing the community together, we accomplish more than we can do alone. United Way makes your caring count.
  • It’s easy. Payroll deductions make giving simple.

Where does the money that is donated to United Way go?

United Way directs voluntarily contributed funds to support human service programs of accredited local non-profit agencies.

May I give directly to my favorite agency?

Yes you can, but think about this. We all have our favorite agencies and/or programs. United Way believes in the concept of investing in many different agencies and programs to ensure a variety of services are available. That is why the Community Investment process was begun – a concept where the volunteers make the decision regarding funding in the community. This guarantees that you are receiving accountability for the funds you contribute to United Way.

If you usually designate your gift, perhaps think about designating half this year to your favorite agency and half to the community fund.

What percentage of donations actually goes to help individuals and how much goes for management and salaries of United Way?

90 percent of funds raised goes back into the community to help where help is needed most.

I know United Way is a local agency, but don’t some of the dollars go to the national agency, United Way of America?

This is a common misconception about United Way. We are not a local chapter of a national organization. We are completely local and autonomous, run by local volunteers. We do send money to United Way Worldwide for national advertising, research, government relations and continuing education. Annually, we send less than 1% each year.

Who uses the services of United Way?

United Way of Mower County distributes funds that serve the needs of Mower County area residents and employees of local businesses that support United Way. Some of these agencies may be located in various communities but must provide services to Mower County residents.

If you call the United Way Office, will they direct you to an organization that will help with your specific problem?

The United Way of Mower County will connect the individual to the appropriate member agency or to other community resources for their specific need.

Is my United Way contribution tax deductible?

Giving to United Way entitles taxpayers who file itemized returns to a tax deduction. If you itemize you can deduct the value of the cash, stock or property. Those donors who contribute gifts of $250 or more receive a receipt from United Way for use in their tax preparation. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your specific situation.

Does United Way help only the poor?

United Way services are directed toward all sectors of our community for the benefit of everyone. Examples of broad based services include: family counseling, health diagnostic programs, youth (prevention) programs, senior citizen services. None of us knows when a tragedy will strike and when we will need help. Everyone benefits from living and working in a healthier, happier community

Can I afford to give?

It is true that some individuals may not be in a position to give because of their current financial situation. However, payroll deduction allows us an easy way to give a little each month, making it possible to help a lot on an annual basis. If you are unable to use payroll deduction United Way can bill you monthly/quarterly, etc. Remember every donation regardless of its size makes a difference in our community. Learn about all the different ways you can give.

Who decides how my contribution is spent and how carefully are agency expenditures monitored?

Volunteers, area residents like you, decide how much is allocated to each program. Volunteers from all segments of our community work together to review each agency’s budget and program budget each year. These volunteers assure contributors that every dollar is spent wisely. An important element programs need before receiving funds from United Way is sound fiscal management. This is ensured on a continuing basis by volunteer review of financial reports and annual audits.

Any Mower County resident, who donates, at any level, can volunteer on the United Way Community Investment panels. If you’re interested please contact Diane at