United Way Announces Goal for 2015 Campaign

Picture for Announcement_edited-2Great things happen when we LIVE UNITED is what you’ll be hearing over and over again from the United Way of Mower County this campaign season. And United Way is asking for great things from you, determining that the goal for their annual campaign will be $1.225 million for this campaign cycle – a number that directly reflects the community need.

Consider for a moment that in 2000, Mower County was ranked 38th out of the 87 Minnesota counties in terms of individuals living below the poverty level. By 2012, that percentage had increased and Mower County dropped to 72nd out of 87. The number of individuals living below the poverty level continues to increase… currently, hovering at about 16% county-wide. Paul Kuehneman, United Way Board of Directors Chair, says of the growing need that “many talented agencies are doing excellent work to assist Mower County residents in meeting their various needs. I’ve been involved with this United Way for over ten years and the demand on those organizations services has only increased. We, as the United Way Board, are constantly looking for additional ways to serve our county within our four impact areas – Education, Income, Health, and Basic Needs.”

While the need continues to increase, Diane Baker, Executive Director of the United Way of Mower County, stresses that “every dollar donated makes a difference. Every dollar donated changes a life.” A successful campaign helps the United Way ensure that families don’t have to worry about where their next meal will come from or about sending their children to school in the winter without a coat. A successful campaign ensures United Way’s continued, life-changing work and successes in the areas of Education, Income, Health, and Basic Needs.

And to ensure a successful campaign consider donating $2.50 per week – an amount that provides nutritious, easy to prepare meals over the weekend for one hungry child in Mower County for an entire school year. Donating $10 every week provides job training and employment support for 2 adults in Mower County. United Way’s campaign season runs from September to March and funds raised will continue to change lives in Mower County. Please give and help us do great things in Mower County. To donate, visit the “Take Action” section of our website, www.uwmower.org, or send cash or check to P.O. Box 605, Austin, MN 55912.

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