Frequently Asked Questions


How is United Way Different From Other Nonprofit Organizations?

No other single organization meets the broad range of needs addressed by United Way. United Way goes beyond fundraising by researching the needs of the community and bringing the right resources and people together to solve tough local issues. We work with business, government, and partner agencies to develop regional health and human service policies and strategies. We fund programs that are meeting people’s needs today, and we are working on innovative solutions for lasting change. United Way monitors the performance of grant-funded projects and reports results to donors. And to top it off, United Way makes it easy for everyone to get involved.

Why Give to United Way?

You make a difference. You are making an investment that benefits the entire community, not just one program, issue or population, and this leads to a stronger, more sustainable place to live and work. It is a smart investment. United Way provides expert management of donor investments and brings the right people, ideas and resources together to solve the most pressing needs of our community and finds innovative solutions for lasting change. United Way leverages your contribution by combining it with others and strategically investing in results-driven programs and initiatives to maximize the impact we have in the community. It is easy to give back in a way that matters to you. Spreading your giving throughout the year makes it easier to increase your giving while still staying within your budget.

What if I Don't Think I Can Afford to Give?

By using United Way’s payroll deduction plan, you can invest a small amount each pay period, and see it add up to a significant gift by year’s end. Your investment combined with thousands of others will have a real, measurable impact in the community. Skipping just one candy bar a week can add up to $52, which provides weekend backpack meals for kids in need.

Where Does the Money Go?

Your contributions fund large scale collaborations, individual agencies and specific programs focused on the most significant community needs in the areas of education, health, financial stability, and basic needs in Mower County. For a complete list of United Way’s currently funded programs visit our website.

Can I Afford to Give?

It is true that some individuals may not be in a position to give because of their current financial situation. However, payroll deduction allows us an easy way to give a little each month, making it possible to help a lot on an annual basis. If you are unable to use payroll deduction United Way can bill you monthly/quarterly, etc. Remember every donation regardless of its size makes a difference in our community.

Is my United Way Donation Tax Deductible?

Giving to United Way entitles taxpayers who file itemized returns to a tax deduction. If you itemize you can deduct the value of the cash, stock or property. Those donors who contribute gifts of $250 or more receive a receipt from United Way for use in their tax preparation. Please consult your tax advisor for information on your specific situation.

What Else Does United Way do Besides Fund Agencies?

In addition to raising and investing dollars, United Way brings together community stakeholders, contributors, and agency partners to create collaborative and innovative approaches to help solve community issues. United Way also coordinates a variety of initiatives and programs such as our annual Coat Drive, Day of Caring, FamilyWize, Success by Six , and more.

Who Decides How My Contribution is Spent and How Carefully are Agency Expenditures Monitored?

Volunteers, area residents like you, decide how much is allocated to each program. Volunteers from all segments of our community work together to review each agency’s budget and program budget each year. These volunteers assure contributors that every dollar is spent wisely. An important element programs need before receiving funds from United Way is sound fiscal management. This is ensured on a continuing basis by volunteer review of financial reports and annual audits.

Any Mower County resident, who donates, at any level, can volunteer on the United Way Community Investment panels. If you’re interested please contact Diane at