Why is the United Way vital to Mower County? Phetmany will tell you it's because the programs we support allow her to make a better life for her four kids. Jacob will say it's because United Way programs have given him the skills necessary to stretch his resources. Because of you, they have been given a hand-up rather than a hand-out.

Our focus continues to be more than just fundraising. We are the hand-raisers and game-changersidentifying the most pressing needs of our community and acting to address them. With your immediate help we can do even more.

Last year our generous donors helped raise $1,201,500, but unfortunately that was not enough. The community need is far greater and we are sincerely asking for the community's continued support. Right now, if you donate, we can work to:

  • Narrow the ten-year gap in life expectancy between high and low-income individuals
  • Ensure that the 40% of households earning less than $35,000 have the resources to make ends meet
  • Identify affordable, quality childcare options to reduce the shortage of more than 800 licensed childcare spots

As part of this great community, we all share a responsibility for our future. If everyone in Mower County does not have access to health care, a quality education, is not financially stable, or does not have their basic needs met, we all suffer. Critical issues such as these carry an overwhelming sense of urgency. Without your support, it's possible 42% of economically disadvantaged students will still not graduate each year. Now, imagine if the same 42% of students are dealt a different hand - one where poverty doesn't dictate their lives, resources are more attainable, and barriers are easily broken. Will their outcome be different?

When you donate to the United Way, you join thousands of others who care about the same thing: making sure everyone in our community has a chance for a better life. Your investment will make a significant difference in helping to rewrite the stories for those most in need. Thank you for supporting our community today to ensure a better tomorrow for all. We're all in this together.

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