Success by Six: Rainbow Route & Preschool Scholarships

At United Way we are committed to helping our children succeed in life through early learning initiatives.


Preschool Scholarships

In 2007 the United Way of Mower County began the Preschool Scholarship Program to ensure our children enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.

The United Way Preschool Scholarship Program provides scholarships to 4 year-olds who will be attending Kindergarten in Fall 2017 & who are enrolling or currently enrolled in a Kindergarten Prep Program through Mower County preschools. We work closely with local preschools to determine who is eligible and will be awarded these scholarships. Please inquire at your preschool about the availability of this scholarship and how to apply.

United Way, through a grant from The Hormel Foundation, is able to provide preschool education to 4 year olds in Mower County based on financial need.



Rainbow Route

Through a grant from The Hormel Foundation and in partnership with SMART and the Parenting Resource Center, United Way of Mower County provides safe and efficient transportation service for preschool aged children in Austin, who otherwise may not be able to attend preschool due to a transportation barrier. This service is not only meant to be trusted and reliable but is meant to be an affordable option for parents.  Bus rides are $1 each way. There are many factors that go into bus placement such as pick up and drop off address, pre-school location and time of class.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee spots on the Rainbow Route for any child.  We do our very best to get as many children on the bus as possible. 

Click Here for the 2017-2018 Rainbow Route Application
Click Here for the 2018-2019 Rainbow Route Application