Women's Leadership Initiative


The Women’s Leadership initiative was created in 2011 with the goal to align women’s leadership and philanthropy with an urgent community need. After much research the Steering Committee has chosen the community need of ensuring children’s basic needs (K-4th grade).

WLI offers you a way to make a direct impact. It is an opportunity for you to be involved with a group of powerful, dedicated women who have built an initiative from the ground up.

What We Do

If you’re a woman looking for a way to make a real difference in Mower County, here’s your unique opportunity. WLI members have a voice in and active role in creating better lives for children. Volunteering, networking and social activities abound.

Research Behind WLI

Much research went into determining the community need WLI members would focus on. This research entailed community conversations, public school data, census information, state and federal research, etc. Learn more about the steps and process the Steering Committee took and the business plan that formalized the Women’s Leadership Initiative.

How Can I Be Involved

There are many ways to be involved in WLI. We have a number of committees you can serve on and volunteer opportunities centered around ensuring children’s basic needs.

WLI Committee Descriptions

WLI Donation

Donate here to ensure a better life for the children in Mower County.

2017 Women’s Leadership Initiative Steering Committee

  • Emily Harris - Chair
  • Nicole Cizik - Treasurer
  • Lynn Egner - Secretary
  • Deanna Brady
  • Danielle Morem
  • Molly Cass
  • Tracy Ourada
  • Lindsey Hernandez
  • Tori Miller
  • Courtney Kremer

Questions about the Women’s Leadership Initiative, membership or our mission? Please contact: